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Algonquin Storm Travel Rules | AAYO



Updated 10-17-2010


These rules shall govern AAYO’s Travel Baseball and Softball Program and shall remain in full force and effect until such time as they are modified or amended by the AAYO Board of Directors (the Board). The Travel Program will be governed and managed by the Board, under rules and policies established by the Board.


The Travel Baseball Program exists as an extension of and to complement the recreational baseball program. As such, AAYO must schedule travel activities to coexist with the recreational baseball program, which is its first priority.


The purpose of the Travel Program is to provide the Community’s youth in the area the opportunity to develop their skills and sportsmanship while competing in a more competitive atmosphere.


Rules and regulations instituted by AAYO, as stated herein, and the rules and regulations of any other organizations under which the Travel Program may be sanctioned (e.g., AAU, USSSA, ASA, NSA, CABA etc.) must be followed.



An objective of AAYO is to develop good citizens as well as good athletes. Although The Travel Program is a more competitive program, with an increased emphasis on winning; the emphasis shall not be on “win at all cost.” Managers, coaches, players and parents that demonstrate “win at all cost” behavior are not wanted in AAYO.


The Travel Program must follow the AAYO Code of Conduct for players and coaches.


Travel managers and coaches shall report to the Board any violation of the Travel Policies and Guidelines by a manager, coach, player, or anyone officially connected with the AAYO Travel Program. The violation may result in ejection, suspension, or such other penalty as the Board in its discretion may prescribe.


AAYO shall develop and maintain policies regarding the operation and administration of it Travel Program. These policies, and any subsequent revisions shall be governed by the overall AAYO policies and guidelines and shall be submitted to the Board for approval.



Every player, coach, manager, and team registered with the Travel Baseball Program shall give every consideration to the in house program. Communication between the AAYO Baseball, Softball and Travel Directors will ensure that both the “in house” and Travel Programs are successful. In instances where a conflict cannot be resolved, priority will be given to the “in house” program.



Travel Teams Managers will be submitted to the AAYO Board for approval via the Travel Director. Prior to the start of the travel season, AAYO will conduct tryouts for the creation of travel teams in any such age divisions and for as many Teams as it may determine appropriate. Any tryouts for travel teams must be open to all eligible players in the applicable age division. The following general guideline(s) shall apply:

All players in each division shall be evaluated by the approved Manager of the Travel team. Once the tryout has been completed, the travel team manager shall select the players that, in his discretion, enable the AAYO Travel Program to field the most competitive travel team reasonably possible. While the presumption will be that the highest scores and rankings will determine the makeup of the travel team in each age division, such presumption shall be dispensed with if, in the discretion of the manager, such departure is necessary to field the most competitive and rounded team.



If a second team is approved for any age groups, one general try-out will be held for that age group. The first team approved in that age group has the first choice of players out of the try-out pool. The remaining players will be eligible for the second team. Managers are not allowed to solicit individual players for recruiting to their own team. All players are required to go thru the AAYO try-out for their age group. Managers will hold a general try-out for their age group at the beginning of the new season.



All eligible players who are selected to play on an AAYO Travel Team must be registered with AAYO prior to participating in any Team events. Each Travel Team roster must have a minimum of 50% within District 300 boundaries or the Village of Algonquin. For first year teams, at least 50% of the rostered players must be former AAYO players. AAYO Travel team players may not participate with any other travel baseball organization during the current season.



Players may be permitted to play up in age, if in the sole discretion of the Travel Director such playing up is justified based on the size, skill, or experience of such player and is not prohibited by any organizations under which the travel program may be sanctioned. While allowed, it is discouraged.



Late registrants can be evaluated by the Travel Managers. Managers may pick up additional players after the team has been selected but may not cut players already on the roster.



The Board shall establish each season the registration fee for participation in the Travel Program. Such registration fees shall be set at an amount necessary to defray any costs and expenses associated with administering the Travel Baseball program. Additional fees may be required by the individual Travel Team based on the needs of that Team. Each Team will submit a budget of projected expenses and income to the Travel Director for his approval. If the Travel Director feels that a budget is unusual or inappropriate, he will bring the budget to the attention of the Board. The philosophy of AAYO shall be that its travel program shall not be called upon to pay for its “in house” program and the travel program shall not burden the “in house” program.



The maximum roster size for any Travel Team shall be fifteen (15) players and the minimum shall be ten (10) players. The roster form must contain the player’s name, uniform number, date of birth, address, phone number, email address, and school/school district currently attending. A team folder shall be maintained by each team with a completed waiver and release form, team roster, and copy of each player’s birth certificate.



Each Manager shall notify the Travel Director within twenty-four (24) hours of the addition or deletion to his or her team’s official roster. In the absence of any rules to the contrary as specified by any inter-league, tournament, or other rules that may be applicable, roster changes may be made at any time during the travel season. As to Travel Teams, all roster changes must be approved by the Travel Director of the AAYO. AAYO “in house” rostered players may participate on a Travel Team in a limited capacity or as deemed appropriate by the Travel Director. Such participation cannot conflict with the participation of an “in house” game. AAYO Travel Teams must use AAYO In-house players if a player is needed. No other players are allowed to play with an AAYO Travel Team.



Unless otherwise approved by the Board, all Managers or Coaches must be at least eighteen (18) years of age or older. Further, such managers or coaches must possess the maturity, responsibility, character, and adherence to AAYO rules and regulations required to remain a manager or coach in good standing with the AAYO. All manager candidates preferably will have prior history with AAYO in managing or coaching an In-house or All Star team. If not, it will be up to the Travel Director & the Board.


The term for an AAYO Travel Manager’s must be renewed each season by recommendation of the Travel Director and/or AAYO Board of Directors.


In order to be eligible for selection as a manager of an AAYO Travel Team, such manager must apply in writing for the position of manager of such team to the Board no later than the date set by the Board each Spring. The Board, based on such applications and/or oral interviewing processes, shall select and determine all Managers of the AAYO Travel Teams. The Manager appointed by the Board for each particular Travel Team must select his or her own coaches. It is recommended that the coaches be parents or guardians of the players selected. All coaches selected by travel team managers must be submitted to the Travel Director for approval. In cases where a second manager has been approved for one age group - The first manager selected will be the first team to be filled. The second manager selected will manage the second team if enough players are available after completing the try-outs.



The responsibilities of any Travel Team Manager shall include:

a) Ensuring players and coaches reflect the ideals of AAYO at all times. This includes maintaining a spirit of fair play and sportsmanship on and off the field.

b) Maintaining adequate supervision and control of all AAYO Travel Team players while in uniform before, during, and after the game while at the field.

c) Immediately advising the Travel Director of any issues arising with respect to his or her travel team that may impact the AAYO Travel policy.



In the absence of any rules to the contrary as specified by any inter-league, tournament, or other rules that may be applicable, there is no minimum playing time mandated on Travel Teams. The intent of the AAYO Travel program is to develop each player at the Travel level and to have every player participate in each game. Circumstances may dictate that a ball player will not play in a particular game. Playing time will not be equal and is not guaranteed. The manager makes ALL playing time, positions played and batting order decisions. There will be no parental input.



There are NO pitching restrictions imposed by AAYO. AAYO Travel Teams must follow any and all pitching rules set by tournament and league officials.



All financial accounting for Travel Teams shall be handled by AAYO through its Travel Director. Prior to each travel season, the Travel Director shall submit an overall travel budget to AAYO for approval prior to collecting or disbursing any funds.


The Board of AAYO must specifically approve all fundraising to ensure there is no detrimental impact on the fundraising activities connected with the “in house” program. The Board shall approve fundraising ideas and sponsors on a case-by-case basis after reviewing its potential impact on the tax-exempt status, the appearance to those donating money to the program, and consistency with its “in house” baseball program. Any and all fundraising or other revenue generation for Travel Teams shall be in the name of AAYO and all financial accounting for such teams shall be handled through AAYO. All donations, grants, or other payments should be made payable directly to AAYO and any money, check, or other disbursement received by such travel team must be immediately turned into AAYO to protect the tax-exempt status. All payments made to AAYO shall be subject to all applicable IRS guidelines necessary to protect the tax-exempt status. Any money received by AAYO for the benefit of a specific Travel Team will be dispensed by AAYO to pay for appropriate expenses of such team. As a general rule, AAYO Travel funds may be used to pay actual reasonable and customary expenses associated with the players’ and coaches’ travel.

Customary expenses may include the following:

i. Tournament Registration Fees

ii. Any additional tournament fees assessed to players or coaches (gate admission

or balls for example)

iii. Motel rooms for players and coaches.

iv. Miscellaneous Expenses to cover incidentals such as ice, Gatorade and reasonable miscellaneous expenses for the players.

v. Umpire fees.

Expenses that may not be paid for with AAYO funds include:

i. Entertainment and amusement expenses

ii. Parent’s Meals

iii. Parent’s Travel

iv. Alcoholic Beverages of any kind for anyone


It shall be the responsibility of the manager for each Travel team to collect and keep track of all registration fees, sponsorship fees, hotel money, and other money turned in for the benefit of such travel team. In addition, the manager shall coordinate with the Travel Director and prepare and submit a budget to AAYO for such team identifying tournaments and planned travel. All registration and fundraising monies collected by the individual travel teams will be pooled into a dedicated account for each team which will be administered by the Travel Director. These funds will be allocated to the travel manager for team expenses as they are requested and properly documented. Monies will be dispensed as long as the team’s dedicated account has available funds. Monies remaining in the team’s dedicated account at the end of one season will automatically follow the team to the next season provided that any excess rollover amounts can be justified. Monies may also be refunded, if parents overpaid, in an amount deemed acceptable by the Travel Director. Sponsorships and donations are non-refundable. Refunds cannot exceed the amount contributed by the family.


Sponsorships can be obtained by Travel Teams.

a. Travel Teams must submit a list of businesses it wishes to solicit to the Fundraising Director prior to contacting the business. The Fundraising Director will approve which businesses can be contacted. Businesses are likely to be approved if AAYO is not already sponsored by this business and if a personal relationship exists between the Team and the business.

b. Potential sponsorship from businesses within the boundaries of the Village of Algonquin will require an approved “personal relationship”. A personal relationship shall be defined as a “blood or relative relationship” (e.g. father, mother, uncle, in-laws brother, sister…..) with the owner of the business. A personal friendship with an owner of a business would qualify if you and the owner spend time together in each others homes frequently, if you attend each others families functions (birthday parties, baptisms) or vacation together (sharing a house or condo). It is not just by doing business with them, or being friends with someone who works for that business.

c. The Director of Fundraising will decide if a business may be contacted.



AAYO Travel Teams will be encouraged to collaborate at the baseball and softball levels to create a common AAYO Travel appearance. The word “Algonquin”, Letters “AAYO” or “A” must be somewhere on the uniform identifying that the Team is from AAYO and/or the city of Algonquin. Approved uniform colors for AAYO Travel Teams are RED, WHITE and BLUE.

All AAYO Travel Teams will have the Team names of “Algonquin Storm” for baseball and “Algonquin Aces” for softball. In cases where two teams exist in any age group - teams can be distinguished by color, such as "Algonquin Storm Red" or Algonquin Storm Blue, etc. The same applies for the Algonquin Aces Travel Softball Teams.



Field allocation for all Travel Teams will be handled by AAYO's Public Relations and Scheduling Director and the Travel Director.



Any travel player, manager or coach who is ejected from a game will BE SUBJECT TO Board review. Abusive actions following the ejection may result in suspension. The Board reserves the right to expel any travel player, manager or coach for the remainder of the travel season if it deems necessary.




The Board will consider any complaints regarding Board Members, Managers, Coaches, parents, players, fans or spectators brought to its attention in writing by the complaining party. The Board will discuss the complaint and if, in its discretion, the complaint warrants additional investigation, it will conduct the same. The Board shall have complete discretion in determining any sanction or penalty, if any, of any manager, coach, parent, player, fan or spectator. The full Board shall decide any sanction or penalty arising out of misconduct of a Board Member.



If a parent feels that it is necessary to approach a coach or manager over a possible topic that could result in emotions taking over…please follow these guidelines.

a. Do not approach during or immediately after a game or practice or in front of children or ball players.

b. Use an “over night” period to wait and collect thoughts and clear ideas that are free of aggression and emotion.

c. Please show consideration and respect when approaching a manager or coach.

d. Remember…Players play, Coaches coach, Managers manage, Umpires ump and Parents cheer.


20. FALL

AAYO Travel Teams may participate in Fall practices or scrimmage games using AAYO fields after the team has registered. All field requests must be submitted to the Travel Director for approval. Some fields may be denied due to the Village of Algonquin working on certain fields.



All Travel Teams are REQUIRED to open the concession stand at their field during ALL practice games & League games, if they have a concession stand. The Parents on the Team are expected to work the concession stand. No one under the age of 16 is allowed to work inside the stands.



The guidelines and policies set forth in this document are subject to changes, deletions or additions as deemed necessary by the AAYO Board.

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