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A Message from the Commissioner and Vice Commissioner

Hello AAYO Families,


Thank you all for being patient with us as we dealt with some difficult weather to start the season! Our teams are off to amazing start. We want to thank all the board members, coaches, and parents that were at the fields as early as 6 am last Saturday morning to make sure our kids could have fun and play ball.  


We want to take the opportunity to remind everyone about sportsmanship as we get into games. As an organization we take great pride in positive sportsmanship from our players, coaches, and families. Help us set the standard by always encouraging our young athletes to always be positive and never argue with a coach or umpire.  Many of our umpires are young kids learning the game as well and the last thing they need is an adult or player arguing with them! 


Again, thank you for being part of our organization and feel free to reach out at any time.


Dustin Covarrubias              Brian Rasek

Commissioner                     Vice Commissioner

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8U Standings

Team Wins Losses Ties
AAYO- Angels 4 1
AAYO-Blue Jays 3 1
AAYO-A's 3 1 1
AAYO-Tigers 3 2
AAYO-Guardians 2 2
LITHYAA-Cubs 2 1 1
AAYO-White Sox 1 3
LITHYAA-Giants 1 3
LITHYAA-Diamondbacks 1 3
AAYO-Rangers 0 3

10U Standings

Team Wins Losses Ties
AAYO- Guardians 4 1
AAYO-Angels 3 0 1
AAYO-A's 3 1
AAYO-Tigers 3 1
AAYO-Blue Jays 2 1 1
LITHYAA-Diamondbacks 1 2
AAYO-White Sox 1 4
LITHYAA-Cubs 1 5
LITHYAA-Giants 0 3

12U Standings

Team Wins Losses Ties
LITHYAA-Diamondbacks 4 0
LITHYAA-Dodgers 3 2 1
LITHYAA-Cubs 2 2 1
LITHYAA-Nationals 1 3
AAYO-White Sox 1 4

2022 Season Timelines & Dates

  Registration Starts January 2022  
  Spring Season Begins April 2022  
  Spring Season Ends June 30, 2022  

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